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20 November, 2012


What are the reasons for migration in Armenia and Azerbaijan at present? What problems do Armenian and Azerbaijani migrants encounter in the countries of their residence? What concrete measures do the states do to reduce migration flows and do they need to take such actions? These are the questions addressed in the interview presented below. 

05 November, 2012

What is, in practice, the protection of workers' rights in Armenia and Azerbaijan? Are the activities of trade unions and of other associations of workers effective in Armenia and Azerbaijan? 

19 October, 2012

What did the results of the Parliamentary elections in Georgia demonstrate? Is the change of power through elections possible in Armenia and Azerbaijan? What are the main lessons to be learnt from the Georgian elections and post-election transformations in Georgia by Armenia and Azerbaijan?

01 October, 2012

Armenian and Azerbaijani analysts assess the degree of the impact of the so-called Safarov's case on the further course of the negotiations over Karabakh conflict settlement. 

21 September, 2012

How do the participants of Karabakh war, both Armenians and Azerbaijanis, live? What do they think about the war and the talks around it? These issues are covered in the interviews presented below.

10 September, 2012

The two interviews dwell upon the current issues, faced by the print media in Armenia and Azerbaijan, the possibilities of the solution of these issues and the prospects for the print media’s developments as compared with other mass media. 


05 September, 2012

In the interviews presented  to the readers’ attention below, Armenian and Azerbaijani analysts discuss the visit of Secretary General of the USA to the South Caucasus region, the conflicts at the Karabakh front line on those days, the upcoming meeting of the Foreign Affairs Ministers of the RA and Azerbaijan on June 18 and the “new...




30 January, 2014
Right after the New Year, the citizens of Armenia were shocked by the gas and electricity bills for December.

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