20 November, 2012
Embedded thumbnail for Property Right Goes Unprotected in Azerbaijan

Institute for Peace and Democracy,
Baku, Azerbaijan
20.11 2012

In 2009-2012 over 70.000 residents of Baku lost their houses, apartments, small businesses. The property right of citizens
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16 November, 2012
Embedded thumbnail for On the Significance and Specificities of Electoral Campaigns on the Eve of Presidential Race in Armenia

An interview with the political and election technologies expert Armen Badalyan 

-The list of instruments used in the course of the electoral campaign is enlarging in Armenia day by day. Is this a sign of more literately organized electoral campaigns? What
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18 September, 2012
Embedded thumbnail for Civic Activities in Armenia and the Results

Tsovinar Nazaryan, a civic activist, "Army in Reality" civic Initiative

I think that the most advanced force in Armenia today is the civil society, because unlike the government and the authorities, the civil society has great expectations from the Republic of Armenia and

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30 January, 2014
Right after the New Year, the citizens of Armenia were shocked by the gas and electricity bills for December.

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The Right to Property in Armenia and Azerbaijan
The Right to Property in Armenia and Azerbaijan
Possibilities and Understanding of the Karabakh Conflict Resolution 25 Years after the Ceasefire


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