20 July, 2013
Embedded thumbnail for Golden Apricot 2013. A Festival That Is ahead of Diplomacy
This year for the first time a short film of Azerbaijani director Elmar Imanov “The Swing of Coffin Maker” was screened at the film festival “The Golden Apricot”, which won the prize of international jury.
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12 July, 2013
Embedded thumbnail for For Our and Your Freedom!
Have a close look at these people
1. Tural Hasanzadeh  1986 date of birth
2. Bakhtiyar Guliyev - 1993
3. Mamed Azizov - 1992
4. Shahin Novruzlu - 1995
5. Rashad Hasanov
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01 June, 2013
Embedded thumbnail for Eurovision 2013: Backstage

Gohar Gasparyan – head of the Eurovision delegation from Armenia


There were many disputable issues at Eurovision this year, especially after the final, when the name of the winner became known. Right after the end the Internet was flooded with information on the

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11 April, 2013
Embedded thumbnail for Akram Aylisli and Lusik Aguletsi

The Armenian artist and ethnographer Lusik Aguletsi spent her childhood with her grandparents who in the mid 20th century lived in a small town in Soviet Nakhijevan – Agulis. Her creative pseudonym (Aguletsi) means “from Agulis.”

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11 April, 2013
Embedded thumbnail for They Should Repent


The Armenian writers and publicists Tigran Paskevichyan and Hovhannes Yeranyan speak on the perceptions (adequate and not quite) of the Azerbaijani writer Akram Ailisli’s Stone Dreams on the Armenian society, the willingness of the public, of the time of repentance and

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08 April, 2013
Embedded thumbnail for “Who Are You, Come on Go Away!”


This meyhana was played and is still playing on different Russian channels, in very popular TV programs on NTV, ORT, REN TV, MIR, etc.

Journalists of NTV even came to Baku and met with the maker of this super popular video
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19 February, 2013
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Institute for Peace and Democracy

15 February 2013
In October 2013 Azerbaijan will have the
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12 February, 2013
Embedded thumbnail for On Predetermined Elections and Unprecedented Electoral Processes in Armenia -2013

The scenario of RA presidential elections without intrigues can already be considered a failure.

Although after the refusal of the main political opponents  of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia to participate in the race for the electorate

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14 January, 2013
Embedded thumbnail for Jafar Jabarli and Hamo Bek-Nazarov. Our Glorious Past

The most honorable young people of our nations have had numerous 

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12 December, 2012
Embedded thumbnail for Yes to Freedom! No to Violence!

Azerbaijan is a country with no freedom of speech and assembly. The mafia regime is in so much fear of the citizens that the police are ordered to shadow even book-readers and disperse any meetings of young people, especially when they propagate education and

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30 January, 2014
Right after the New Year, the citizens of Armenia were shocked by the gas and electricity bills for December.

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